About the BLC

Back in the late 90’s while hanging out at the local climbing wall many friendships were ignited. Imagine the scene at the time. College kids living in eastern NC, climbing on man-made walls, mountain biking the flat lands and all the while wishing they were in the mountains. Life moves on and they all followed the trail of employment but two of them promised to one day stake a claim in the High Country. Those two, Elke and Chuck, partnered to make owning a home and working in the High Country a reality. Elke purchased the Birch Lane Chalet (BLC) in early 2013 and Chuck provided the needed renovation work and manages the upkeep and rental of the home. Their wish is to enjoy the BLC when they can and to open its doors to anyone else seeking adventure or solace in the beautiful mountains of NC. Whether you are traveling with friends or family we hope you will call the BLC your home away from home.


As a native North Carolinian, it has always been a dream of mine to own a home in the High Country of NC. While attending college at East Carolina University I was on the tennis team and in the outdoor club. I often found myself backpacking, climbing and exploring in and exploring around the Linville area. 92f59fd6-f09e-43ef-b822-aea829127773.1.10When I discovered the Birch Lane Chalet (BLC) and Land Harbor, I knew I had found the perfect mountain getaway. Paddling, swimming, golf, tennis, cycling, climbing, hiking are all available within minutes of the BLC.

There is something for everyone no matter your age or interest. My career has taken me to more metropolitan areas in our state so until I can call the BLC my permanent residence it is my pleasure to share my home away from home with you. I invite you to visit the BLC, play, relax and come back. Your adventure starts at my doorstep.

Property Manager

Your point of contact when booking and staying at the BLC is Chuck Perry. Chuck calls the “geographically fun” High Country area of NC home. He is the owner of PerryBuilt, a local general contracting business specializing in remodeling, renovation, new homes, property oversight and management. Chuck is an avid backpacker, climber, trail runner and proud Appalachian Trail thru hiker. If your visit to the High Country will include outdoor endeavors be sure to ask Chuck about local hot spots or to share beta on his favorites. Or maybe owning a second home in the High Country is in your future, if so, give PerryBuilt a call.